Voice contestant fights for injured people – Press Release


More than 400 members of the Injured Persons Association have sent email messages to the crossbench MPs in the Legislative Council appealing to them to block government legislation that takes away rights of people injured in motor vehicle accidents – rights that have been held for decades under the current Compulsory Third Party (green slip) scheme.
The Motor Accident Injuries Amendment Bill 2013 has been passed in the Legislative Assembly and is scheduled to be introduced in the Legislative Council by Finance Minister Greg Pearce in the week starting June 18.
“The changes will be devastating for people injured in a motor vehicle accident,” said Kieran Fraser, president of the Injured Persons Association.
“Previously people who couldn’t continue working after a vehicle accident could get compensation for lost future earnings that would help them support themselves and their families.
“But now for 90 per cent of accident victims that payment will be far less and will stop entirely after just five years, forcing them to sell their homes or get assistance through Centrelink.”
“Those rights have been slashed to give the negligent driver who causes an accident the same rights and access to compensation as their victims – and that’s not fair.”
“It is claimed that motorists will save $50 on their annual green slip payments. You can bet that saving won’t last as all the negligent drivers who cause accidents start claiming compensation.”
Kieran’s wife was injured in a bad car accident and he had hoped that success as a competitor on the TV show ‘The Voice’ last year would solve their money problems, but sadly it was not to be.
“I thought facing millions of viewers in a singing competition was tough, but trying to get politicians to do the right thing by injured people is a lot tougher,” Kieran said.
Kieran will be in parliament house on Thursday to talk to crossbench MPs.
He is available for interview.
Other injured people affected by the changes are willing to talk to media.
Please contact Kieran for details.
Kieran Fraser
Injured Persons Association
Telephone: 02 4994 5485
Email: kfraser.injuredpersons.org.au