NIIS Advisory Group Communiqué November 2012


The National Injury Insurance Scheme (NIIS) Advisory Group (under the chair of John Walsh) met in Sydney today to discuss and further consider NIIS design and implementation. The Advisory Group was established by the Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation the Hon. Bill Shorten to advise on issues associated with the establishment of a NIIS.

The NIIS is a critical element of the disability care and support system reforms proposed by the Productivity Commission (PC). The NIIS will significantly reduce the cost and improve the financial sustainability of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The NIIS should commence in the area of motor vehicle accidents, building upon the well-established arrangements in place in some jurisdictions, including schemes that provide no-fault lifetime care and support. Large inequities currently exist across States and Territories, as some states provide no-fault accident cover while others rely on establishing fault to receive compensation.

The Advisory Group called on both the Commonwealth and State and Territory governments to work together to take steps to implement the NIIS. The Advisory Group considers that the following principles should underpin the design of the NIIS to give effect to the PC model.





The NIIS would deliver:

    1. reasonable and necessary lifetime care and support to people who suffer a catastrophic injury;
    2. no-fault cover – cover regardless of whether an individual has legal recourse to sue for compensation;
    3. comprehensive cover – no gaps across motor vehicle accidents, medical accidents, workplace accidents, criminal injury and general accidents at home or in the community;
    4. greater choice and control to injured persons over the services they receive;
    5. access to early interventions;
    6. best practice data and information sharing principles;
    7. a scheme funded in accordance with insurance principles – building on existing insurance arrangements; and
    8. incentives for appropriate behaviour and increased risk management.


In advancing the design of the NIIS the Commonwealth, States and Territories should:

    1. draw on the experience of existing lifetime care and support schemes such as the Victorian Transport Accident Commission and NSW Lifetime Care and Support Authority; and
    2. have specific regard to the design principles underpinning the implementation of the NDIS.