Motor Accidents Amendment Bill 2013

Following opposition from members of the IPA along with other organisations and the media, the Motor Accidents Amendment Bill 2013 has been withdrawn.

The Government is still proposing changes in this area.  As soon as the nature of the changes is known, Members will be notified and information will be added to this website.


Workers Compensation

The amendments to Workers Compensation legislation are now starting to affect injured workers and a review of the scheme is proposed for mid 2014.

If you have been adversely affected in a way which seems unjust, please click the ACT NOW button below.  This will take you to a form that you can complete, setting out the nature of your concern.

By completing your postcode, the name of your state electorate will be automatically calculated and the email will go to your member of parliament.  Some postcodes are represented by more than one member of parliament, so your email will go to each of them.  Your email will also be sent to Mr. Kim Garling 'WorkCover Independent Review Office – WIRO', who will, in mid 2014, be preparing a report to government on the operation of the scheme.

General Negligence (including Medical Negligence)

Most people are aware of the National Disability Scheme set up by the last federal Labour government.  However, few people are aware of the associated National Injury Insurance Scheme under which the state of NSW is expected to set up a no fault compensation scheme for anyone suffering catastrophic injury in NSW. 

Whilst this should be good news for accident victims, it will not be good news if the vast bulk of accident victims have their rights slashed in order to fund a scheme for those with catastrophic injury. 

Watch this space - and in the meantime the relevant legislation and agreements between the NSW and Australian governments can be found in the Resource Library of this website. 


The Injured Persons Association (IPA)
Formed 25 years ago when the New South Wales motor vehicle Compulsory Third-Party Insurance Scheme was last under attack. At that time the right of innocent accident victims to claim damages was abolished. Our Association campaigned for more than 18 months and eventually the law was changed and the right to claim damages was restored.

The inaugural President of the Injured Persons Association is Kieran Fraser. Kieran's wife is a motor accident victim and Kieran himself is a psychologist with extensive experience in the workers compensation area. Kieran shot to fame in 2012 when he was selected on The Voice TV Program as part of Team Seal.




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Injured Persons Association


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